Moving A Drupal Site

Written by Dave | August 30 2008

Migrating Drupal On your OLD host:

  • Backup your whole home directory from your ftp access using an ftp client like filezilla. Make a folder on your local harddisk and download the complete directory to that local folder.
  • Backup your mysql database on your old host using phpadmin, select your mysql database, usually something like “name_drpl1″. Select all fields, click “export” and save the database to your local harddisk. Leave default options enabled. You will receive a file similar to “name_drpl1.sql”.

This is your mysql database

On your NEW host:

  • Upload your folder with the complete drupal installation to your home-directory.
  • Once done, go to phpadmin on the new host, create a new mysql database, example “name_drpl1″ and create a new mysql user. Create a password for this new mysql user, click “assign all privileges” to this user and assign the user to the new database.

You now should have a new mysql database on the new host with a mysql user, eg. “name_drpl1″ as database name and “name_username” as database user name.

  •  Import (upload) the database (which you exported from the old host earlier) with phpadmin to the new database. This might take a minute.
  • If needed edit the file [drupal home]/sites/default/settings.php and edit at the section where you enter the database, location, username and password. You CAN enter the password either encrypted or not encrypted there.
  • Chmod your “files” folder so it is writeable using your ftp client (filezilla), chmod to 777
  • Double check your .htaccess and [drupal home] /sites/default/settings.php and make changes in case they are needed.
  • Change nameserves on your domain host and let them point to your new host’s nameservers.
  • Enter the new nameservers in your control panel where your domain names are hosted, overwriting the old ones.
  • After some time (sometimes a day or two) your domain should point to the new host and drupal should be up and running on the new host.
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